Song Lyrics, Last Century

This constitutes what I was able to remember or had on file. A great deal was lost during moves, negligence and Katrina. I’m omitting anything prior to 1992 because, before then, I didn’t know what I was doing yet.

Coprolingus 1992-2000

Sight of the One Eyed Cat

If you keep your dreams in a corpse you are the walking dead
Dream your eye back from the bottom of the ocean
or be beached the color of dead stems
The waves of the sea are no less known than the stars
They are the outward pattern of infinite secrets
whose shores resound with heartbeats of drowned souls breaking against the clouds
Like the hum of conscience
the immaterial
the unspoken


The spirit of now is like a dance of death
a cage meant for flying things in a place of groundlessness
Some live because they’re alive, others live because they know they’ll die

Given light, we make light
Given death, we make life
Given time, calculations
Given want we make invasions

You have a gun, its loaded and called a will
Trigger transcendency

What you won’t die for will kill you
What you won’t disown will own you
What you fly from will follow you
What you hide from decides you

Expost Facto

The council seated in the Skullcap Parachute have been questioning into the road-hump psychology of excuseless slack-jacks who talk too much about shit I wouldn’t bother to invent. They strap on burning hats and subsect crack mountain thinking its fuck withdrawals they’re after. They take all the trouble to damn the damage, rinse with Clorox and dry heave lizard pits so the only thing left to chew on is a tongue and whatever else God got rid of. When the heart cracks like a lice egg they’ll know they didn’t “kill all the mischief” because whatever you think it is, it isn’t. And the ground gets closer.

You pull the ripcord and instead of opening as it should the parachute clings to you. Hurling downward, enshrouded. You scream, hoping to catch from the echo how near to the ground you are. Its like drinking from a bottle of Expost Facto, you can turn the bottom to the sky and your mouth is still empty and the ground gets closer. Memories align like the bones in your back and the ground get closer.


There are those who say they know
how the stars above made the things below
Same stars, same fucking shape
different positions, same distance away
They come on a horse with its nose to the sun
trading in grace for dwarves in striped clothes
Their ride will die, they never stop to drink
The deeper you believe the deeper you’re deceived
We live forever in the stains that we make
in the babies we make
in the way we translate the maze
Your own sea cannot drown you so swallow it all
encompass it all
You are living and fucking and breathing and knowing
“You are God, you are the way.”


I’m not here alone
You keep pissing on my feet
reacquainting me with this weave the wire’s in
Wagon-train kinetics!
I’m going to break your heart and bury it deep
I’m not leaving a mark
Your epitaph will be the silent shit after I burn your bones
You are the Devil’s most pathetic creation
There are a lot of things we’ll do and we won’t mean any of them
So, I turn my back to the light
and watch the running torch-bearer expire

I’m doing this for the dead
so they can finally beat you for lying about them
I’m doing this for the sharks
so they can eat more than skinny jerks
I’m doing this for God
because he forgot to apologize
I’m doing this because I’m hollow
lies don’t relent when they’re set on clawing
I’m doing this for Blame
who can’t relax and live for nothing


It’s Satan’s Job to Feed the Cats

Riding astride a Great Dane, saddled and reigned,
I pull his yoke and he whimpers
I am elated
My sinews strain with his
when he pushes forth I balance him in back

In my left hand I hold a bowl of orange juice
I’m going to feed it to a cat, when I find one
My other hand holds a bag of cookies
I’m gong to feed it to a cat as well
perhaps the same cat, when I find one

I spot an inchworm laying eggs in a bowl noodles
I stop, dismount, and eat the noodles
I’m going to feed a cat this bag of cookies, when I find one
It’s Satan’s job to feed the cat!


The Sun is never going to catch up with the Moon
He’s trapped watching a memory
like a soul afraid to try a new life
a coil always seen from the sky
When she loves, he’ll snore clouds
and promise with short vowels
Anything that wonders
at some time, wonders how to be free from what it is
So chocolate will run out of the nucleus
and thumbs will quietly walk away
Perhaps when the Sun leaves we’ll see
its not the sugarcane that matters
but the sweetness which is necessary


In the chance of an avalanche
you’ll be the first living man
at the bottom of the mountain
of disparity
Getting bigger by lying
Falling out of your hat
A falsehood for silence
like a whore’s last try colliding with the countdown
The storms are swinging
The ashes are falling
The Big Light is out
and no one is going there

Dame Donkey Legs

The first woman wasn’t a woman at all, she was an earthquake
A tumult of men and stones and blood
that tore at my dreams so I was bruised when I woke
Now I am a deaf man
I’ve listened to the clouds argue
I’ve sung along with disaster

I’m no different than the Devil swimming in his shit
knowing that I live to be avoided
Lilith is riding me with her tail on backwards
wearing a halo of roadkill
made of the deadbeats that went after her
Speak easily, she eats words like Catholics
The slick harpy eats lives like she’s living them
She can take a miracle as perfect as you
and burn your clothes, drenched in piss, screwed like Truth
Fuck an earthquake

Demons steal what demons will
a precious life holds precious thrills
You only need one eye to see a new toy
You only need one mind to destroy one more
The barrel is hot and the slaves are awake
She’s waving her rod, burning everything she comes across
The bitch has claws

A Stripper Named Beandip

There’s a stripper named Beandip with a nihilistic boob-job
table dancing for Yassar Arafat
She dances and undresses

The new man in her pants is a taxidermist
He loves her and he makes for her:

He sewed a rat onto his dick
gave it a pig’s foot for a head, live spiders for front legs
and pet it until she swore to love him forever

Will you find the shrimp before you eat it?
A beaver would be gnawing on a pole instead of a question like:
“All the roaches in the room died in the same corner?”

You are the only Arabs in the world, Nero applauds you

Rain Machine

I am the dirt, I am the Earth
I ring like glass and break easier than that
The Ape is sin, I am sin
with darkened hands I mix the sea
the Deep gave birth to me
I am my Father, I’ve beaten the Sun
and changed his way to suit my own
Killing all the old ways I stand here, breathing

You are the Ape given too much rope
Separated from Truth, ignorant and slow
Game for a trick? I could trick you all
but I’m not into training dogs
Killing all the old ways I stand here, breathing

I am the Ape
All sin is me
and I hate Rain Machines

Wedding in Egypt (also reworked on “Tests”)

The long night is breaking up, everyone is taking home
what they can scrape off of that dry bone
Egyptian sands have lost their heat
its cold like the bed of a madman’s stream
the desert is running with a river of fiends
When the sun went down with his clouds that day
the Bride was kissing on the man she made
and the bottles were swaying in a sweet parade

From a distance, they watched

The Groom took his love in arms
he carried her through the applause and the horns
to a tent in the middle
where they could dance alone
From behind a hill the fiends rushed on
Driven by hatred they yelled as one
“The time has come,
they’re drunk enough to be undone!”

The fight broke out, soon fists weren’t enough
the first rock was thrown and followed by mountains
The Groom rushed from his tent with wet kisses drying in the fire
He raised his voice demanding to know
who damned his wedding night so
No weapons were near, no corpses yet gathered
by Death’s jealous fingers or Fate’s lucky harness
when a fiend pulled a tent stake from the ground
and took the Groom down

The long night is breaking up, the slaughter started hours ago
They were slinging stones like dew drops from the moon
Its nobody’s wedding now


Remember the Phusis
All will grow when time comes to grow
Time always comes, tomorrow is inevitable
Let my life now merge with the all pervading life
Ashes are my body’s end

No one knows but Fate
No one can criticize but the Dead
We’re all bound to die
On Judgment Day you judge yourself
Ashes are your body’s end


Those of us who search are bound sometime to get lost
even if the Truth seems as flawless as God’s voice
and sings like the tail of an angel’s glowing fall
The hope that keeps us alive is the shadow which persists when we are gone
to remind the World we were a fragment of her soul
She is my ghost, my spirit warming skin
I am her words, in us the Truth is living


Stuff you with kittens and spice you with rice
and soft-spots make infants a joke pawning on
You won’t see a change if you make it a point to see
You take it all to goddamn seriously

Give me a shark and my poisoned cat noises
I want to eat sweets while Indians are snoring
I’ll mix up their teeth and all words will choke:
“The Devil shoved a cookie down my throat.”

There are fleas in my hair and fish I have chosen
to keep my feet wet and keep my skull frozen
They bend around my knees like sensitive leaves
who took it all to goddamn seriously

I’m finding tired reasons in the highest Why


Various 1990’s

An Example of Insight

Life told me it was fed up reflections
with impositions on the great big elsewhere
the talked about and changed little
The world eats you if you stink like a damned before doing
a possessed nowhere erasing the words
There are many intelligent ways to say something stupid
and I hope the world eats you if you stink like that

Ape considers ape and ends in collapse
Consider something other than collapse and the world isn’t rubble
Why would one monkey show another what they both can clearly see?
For example:
A monkey in a dimly lit box will learn to shove open a window
solely for the privilege of watching a toy train operate
for thirty seconds
And that is an example of insight from an intelligent, problem solving subject

There are a lot of way to say something stupid
and I hope the world eats you if you think like that

Neurotic Resilience

Lupus in Fabula, brother of memory
shame extolled drivel at the back of your sine-fife
Escape, epicene, in the orange grace of pixie fire
Soon-burst, diapered in counterfeit
A matte of eyebrows and huddled worms
Mingled ringlets of rat-hash sine die
The growl that defines the shadows
Sly hands stealing

An undisturbed saga of returns
Call the hour and the flowers unfold
in a cleaving yawn
Mater Magna isn’t cautious of a Winter that will never speak
Sly hands reaching
Look closely, criminal, everything you see remembers you
What neurotic resilience!
Sly hands stealing

Railroad ties have better judgment
Surge like Winter locomotive
It’s not what you think you’re stepping on
sling headed dog eater
Witness, never talk again
Stilted clouds are stepping on heads
Stolen puppy interjections!
Sly hands stealing

Why Kill Me?

Why kill me, I’m your friend
I’m your brother, a fellow shadow
an answered question

Why kill me, I’m a dream
withering in a bone
I run from you

Why kill me, I’m a soft eye
the situation

Why kill me, I’m watching you unfold
shaming the interlace
I run from you


This man has magic in his bones
His eyes squint because there’s always light in them
He wears a coat with goldfish for buttons
and horns in the pockets he blows on when he means it
That’s not a storm cloud following him
it’s a tropical waterfall with drinking birds
and patient alligators
He makes shapes in the air that stay there
visible like leopard’s teeth that bites anything that breaths

He runs from shadow to shadow
with a wheelchair he packs like a suitcase
He never stays in one place long enough
to get hate mail or slow down his heart rate

He only raises his voice to cast a spell
and when he does it sounds like all the TV sets in the world just went off the air
He knows the Sun by name but won’t introduce anyone to him
He knows how to cure cancer by killing you quickly
which is a little known trick
I met him once, I was looking for the monkey who shits gold
He told me to give it up and buy an umbrella
because the flying pig shit is dropping
and it’s much more dangerous than gold is

We didn’t talk for long before he went his way
I already knew who he was, I didn’t need a story
He gave me this piece of advice
as he picked up his wheelchair and looked for a shadow farther on
He said, “Be suspicious of anything that makes sense.”

Stumbling Man (later reworked as “the Dance I Dance”)

This is the dance I dance with you alone
When I lock wrists with where I wish you were
I threw my heart into the sky
because you are as far from me as the clouds are close to Hell
I’m a stumbling man, moustachios curled behind my ears
In my smile, the tooth that’s missing
is the one I knocked out and sent to you

The third bottle rolls, now there’s nothing left to pour
All the faces I put on you blush
We are sequined swingers parachuting to a submachine gun Bossa Nova
and the cheeks of your ghost are as soft as a dead dog’s tail
When I still my feet and draw your hand to kiss…the dog barks
Cake, you’re not really here
This is the dance I dance with you alone

A Buddhist in Utah

Something is bottoming out like the long, still, middle age
of a posthumous resonation
A solution woke up blind
Transections reveal slow hours, unseen rapidity
asking for the same antiphony from this gnawpiece of a needle-toothed weasel
But, there’s no use cussing with another person’s mouth

The sky was sand, chaffed to meat with red dirt and rusted shovels
I thought of a Buddhist in Utah I wanted to say something important to
I don’t know what’s important
Gone left with importance in mind, body and pocket

Lick time, spit back polished antipathy
A madrigal of lazy eyes
I have two dead pigeons to de-bone
Who are still more swift than a Karma thief
An ass will be met somewhere, sometime …
Buddha’s got a lot of ways, one for each slaughtered carrot he must console

I’ll say I boned a few birds and shook the verucant hands of solace
A clean way to say the dirty


A deep hole has opened up beneath me
Its distance is swallowing me completely
The world changes color when I look at where I’m standing
Like a damned thing staring at the lights rushing at it
If you keep your heart tight when those teeth close on your feet
you’re a silent man dying like a lesser thing
Bring that foul mirror, hold it under my dress
I will count my stupid ways
like they are so many blessings
Jewels are dropping through me

I’ve got errors to hide and a steel wool smile
and a hitman’s sawed-off derision for his holy road
I’m juggling eightballs like the only judge is hope
and its a short, crooked walk from the hideout
to the bones buried behind it
If I had a choice I wouldn’t make it in time
but I’d take that loser’s money
and find a good place to hide it
Bring that foul mirror, hold it under my dress
I will count my stupid ways
like they are so many blessings
Jewels are dropping through me

Jumping Drawbridges

Count it backwards, jimsonweed cracker crumbs
Meat delivered from a rickshaw catacombe
Call the scum in, we’ll set them up big
Sugarpants will bellydance a ring around every whistling head
Cool it, that’s how you get hitched
to freight train jumping drawbridges

The chance is good, the sea is calm
The windows are broke out, birds circling above
I’m hanging ’cause I want to, this pig’s licking his hook
his eyes bulge like a silent movie’s do
Cool it, that how you get hitched
to a freight train jumping drawbridges

Rusted Horn

Tantric maze, burn jealous bum
Whispered howl, subject cudgel
Canon screeching beetle’s wing
soft buzzing catch him, he’s the weapon
Red minded, yellow handed
Pointed tongue of drooling Samson
Wrong stalking savage masses
feeding with their heads in baskets
Cursing like a dying fish
Old songs from a rusted horn
Swimming with your hands behind you
Another day dissolves
Every day dissolves into further delay

Feed Us  (later reworked as Xilbaba)

It is with a man’s bone that I beat my drum
I’m trying to get out of my skin
like a snake crawling out of his ribs
and slipping nickles into fortune cookies
singing, “Stupid Fate”

It is with a man’s bone that I beat my drum
It’s gnarled and it’s a wall to the stars
I’m knocking me against my skin
singing, “Stupid Fate”

Five Ton Mary

Five Ton Mary married Hundred Ton Derrick
‘had a Waxahachie honeymoon in Tennessee
No one objected but a cattle car passing
Mary laughed it off because she knows its story’s ending
A man blowing smoke through a cigar pulled out some rope
and said, “Time to give that big girl her wedding ring.”
Some say marriage is servitude, maybe that’s how it seemed
when Mary held out her trunk but got a chain link leash

Five Ton Mary’s hanging
with her tongue caught in her throat
She has a shadow she’s not willing
Five Ton Mary’s singing
Five Ton Mary’s swaying
Five Ton Mary’s hanging

Breakin’ Bread

It was just a little knife, too small to fuck much up
But much larger than you hope you’ll ever get
If you measured it in strokes,
I suppose it was wide way to slow her down
Now she’s got a lot of stitches, more than I have in my britches
Breaking bread, dull, sharp

Three Legs Behind Me

I’m going up the river, rowing with a horse leg
I left the rest behind me on top of Bishop Brodequin
One sharp toothed invective was enough to unsaddle him
Now I say set his fur on fire and watch him wish he’d never had it
All of that is behind me now

You wrecked my train, knocking wills
dynamite down a blackhole
There’s no difference between us, we’re just switching fists
dynamite down a blackhole

The gaping way was hollering
like an ass-slapping porno in the undertaker’s outhouse
Old Knockbones is rigging up the bail-boat and the blindfold is ripped
The Devil can exhaust you
All of that is behind me now

Nyambe Koko

Trick, trick, trick
Talk, talk
Driving nails like climbing spiders
All the rushing in the world
won’t keep that leg on if it’s spotted
Fire to time you
getting quick and sicker
The World is behind you
and God don’t mind it
All the little mirrors still know
who’s going
Trick, trick, trick
Talk, talk
Fake, lie, good
Pull those mountains down


“Tomorrow’s a farce.” smiles Fortuna
What’s she got to do with it?
Oh, I know, what she says she does
and words scatter like a flock of birds
The otiose purpose is in flames, a freezing cage
of pigeons and meat
The last thing I want you to do is go to work on me
with the cyanide pill indexterity
This juggler’s convinced his torches are always in both hands
But, I suppose when the time comes to die
everyone has a good seat


You’re new, I can tell
because the kind of shit your slinging
sounds like someone’s slinging you
You’re new, I can tell
because you bought your Voodoo
at the Voodoo shop
You’re new, a drop of rain fallen in the mud
bopping into Tantra like a whistle you’re accustomed to
“I’m on your side. I’m on my side.”

Your new, I can hear you howl and smell the wet baby vapor
Running after all the things Daddy told you not to
If you’re so damn psychically kitsch
then why do you smile like a dentist drills?
“Pissboy, put down that ape! Its the Devil!”
You bought your Voodoo at the Voodoo shop
“I’m on your side. I’m on my side.”

the Sailor’s Song (from the puppet musical “Lucky Rosy”)

I got a way with the ladies
that’s what they said in jail
I pinch ’em, and strip ’em, and mix ’em up
so they never know I’m under their tail

They let me in the pen when I was seven
I got busy right away
bunked with a lady named Sally
and her husband, Clay
I stole Sally ‘n’ turned Clay to butter
after service one Sunday morn’
The law then kindly offered
to always give me a home
I tell you its a big house
with many different acts
some ladies could dim the stars
others make you want to take it back
Since I ran off I’ve realized
there’s better ‘n’ worse than I had
But I’ve seen treasures in the toilet
I’d have a go at before that
(gestures to Rosy)

Hangatorium (1998)

Monkeypaw Stew

The edge of the Earth ate the sky one night
Every star was a gleam in Midnight’s smile
The lighthouse was iris of the sea watching me
as I drank like a whirlpool, dry at the dock

The sea was a trash bag full of fighting cats
The ships were drowned rats floating on their backs
Their ribs were barnacled and window riddled
Lice sucking at the pipes waved goodbye

How can a gutter get to be so huge
I’m a fingerprint in a bowl of monkeypaw stew

Where the Cannonball Flies

I put on a burgundy suit
I put an alarm clock in my vest pocket after I set it
for when I had to have my shit together
Then I went outside and stood in the snow
with a set of chickenwire wings and a fishing pole
and tried to lure rats from under the house
with a juicy piece of newspaper
When I tilted the bottle for its last, hiding drop
it reflected the moon into my eye
like a white-hot cannonball
like the love for a dream when that dream is coming true
I raised my voice and sang with the cats

The sun rises and stays in the sky to feast on you
The moon sinks once in a while to give him the chance
I would wonder why, but its a waste of time
a dream I won’t remember when the meaning comes to mind
Where a cannonball flies, she flies

Over an Ending

Sit still and take a breath
listen, then roll the bones

A bird with his eyes in his beak
and the fish that sits on his ribs
A dog that slurs his vowels
on a hamhock shoreline
One tongue for each of his thoughts
a pause where the boats are full
over an ending we all just crawled out of
Sit still and take a breath
listen, then roll the bones

The little personality machine
is stood up at the wharf
A bowtie is a ribbon
for a shoe who owns his own toes
The warship never forgot why
he still waits in pig knuckle spats
Another noose among the groves
a bomb shelter made of snow
Sit still and take a breath
listen, then roll the bones


All the words are broken and the promises are meaningless
I’m throwing the race before both our legs are broken
I wake up in the night with nothing in my head
but all the shit we’re raking up and throwing in the way
Nobody’s the fool, no one has fallen from grace
No one is worse off than the years
that have watched us change
Walk away alone and when you’re long enough gone
our dreams will seem as far as me from what you really want


The higher the price the higher the tide
Up to your neck in sand, crabs clawing at your eyes
Right above the waves is the brightest day
but your buried alive like you have your mind made
Close your eyes, just try to close your eyes

The lowest way home is the dog of the mind
All the wishing wells close their mouths to your dime
Look at the signs, do you know what they say?
“The water’s getting cold let throw a dog in the bay”
Just try to close your eyes

You can live for free on rock soup and bird shit
but they’ll charge you for the cancer you were lucky to get
One day memory will forget all her dried up hopes
Don’t bother buying a gun, she’ll weave you a rope
Close your eyes, just try to close your eyes

Clown the Rain

Do you believe its come to this?
I thought the storm was to my back
Tomorrow was far off and nothing
without me there to watch it happen
The lightening was so distant
I never thought it could get to me
But rain is a clown who is always laughing
pulling his pranks even when you don’t ask him to
I’m still walking through
I have knees made of sugar and a calling to the sea

Its hard to believe dawn is breaking again
I’m still sitting cool in yesterday’s shadows
I’m up to my neck in a rainwater trench
in the dim hope following me from shore to ocean
I’m still walking through
I have knees made of sugar and a calling to the sea

Flying Away

I’m flying away, come along
These days are getting old
because they are behind us
The future will surprise
I hope, because we’re otherwise behind
and the years will only serve
to remind us who we were

I’m flying away because these days
are getting old to me
I’m flying away into new worries
The ages weigh upon me
my best days are beyond me
My head shakes when I say it is so
I think I’m eating the eggshell
instead of the world
I’m flying away

Thinking Underwater

Its cold here, I’m sitting by the fire
What I really want to say is shooting through the air
Its the only way I’ll unlace the time
Thinking underwater

Wheels evolved from broken toes
while I’m telling this surprise
I hope the skin will wake again
when it’s full of soul
How can the truth be so oblique
when my head is clear as sky
If I mean a single thing
it’s following behind me
Thinking underwater

357 Magnum

I got a witness who knows what you’ve done
they won’t tell me a thing as long as I hold a gun
They’ve seen your crimes with their own eyes
But they keep quiet to keep your cheatin’ ass alive
I’m counting the days by the teeth of my knife
Every day that passes down the blade is another way you’ll die
I hang heads on my wall to remember the chase
I’ll hang yours up there so I’ll never forget your face
And if I ever meet another woman with lips like those
I’ll rip them off of her face to kiss the pretty lies away
My 357 Magnum will always be true
When he discovers your cheatin’ ways
he’s gonna shoot my will straight through you


I’m riding a motorcycle down a highway of glass
I’ve got a date with contradiction
The highway shatters behind me
in all my dreams I wake up blind
I wake up with a ribbon stuck between my teeth
There’s a little Mantra I call fury
she’s as cute as a temper tantrum
and she’s always waiting for me when I end
I wouldn’t joke with you about the noose
that girl wears for a dress
She’s got a dangerous figure
and she won’t give you a rest
She leaves all her dopes hanging like apples on a doomsday tree
She never give up and she never regrets a single catastrophe

If you see me wreck don’t call a doctor, call a nurse
Make sure she’s not qualified, it’ll only make things worse

I’m riding a motorcycle, taking all the wrong turns
I’ve run into some ghouls and left them little girls
The only fly who was kind to me was a big black horse
His nostrils flared with fire, he stomped his hooves like a sourpuss
I asked him where his mind was he said was in the curls
of one of those ghouls I change into a little girl
I said, “Don’t you know there’s bigger game waiting at the end?”
He gave it up and got a bike
I gave him bad direction

If you see me wreck don’t call a doctor, call a nurse
Make sure she’s not qualified, it’ll only make things worse
Don’t dare call it suicide, nothing was at stake
Just one dirty, cycle riding jack laughing at his fate


Shivering in an oven, wearing nothing but my mouth,
drinking all the color out of a glass eye
I’m not waiting for you to win the fool races
That challenge you’re riding is rich in the head
but it always rains on a poor man’s parade
It looks like you’ve run out of road and I’m not waiting

If you put a dollar on my tongue I’ll hang a snake on the fence
and you might not run out of road if you can relax
with teeth in your shoes and a tiger on your track
So, bat your lashes and make the sails take wind
Lace your shoes and run
Every place I’ve been I’m always at
wearing nothing but my mouth
It looks like you’ve run out of road and I’m not waiting


Pin the blame on the scapegoat and run him out of town

“I hate him and I hate them and I hate her and I hate you
You’re a dumb, stupid shit!
Get the fuck out of my house!

Who is this fucking asshole?
Go fucking suck a duck or whatever it is you do jackass
Just get the fuck out of my house

You’re piss-ass invertebrate, a slug, a cockroach
scum from the riverbed rising like a pile of shit
Get the fuck out of me house!

What, are you going to cry you spineless pervert?
Kiss my ass and lick it like you dream to
Then get the fuck out of my house!”

Pin the blame on the scapegoat and run him out of town

“Get out of my house you dumb bitch, you stupid shit!”


I got married on moonshine, yes I wrestled with my gin
I scratched the dirt, I preached the Word and sold my gypsy kin
I kept a kept woman so I didn’t have to pay
’till she yanked the pin and scatter-shot
her head in church one day
My wife took the kids, said she was moving on
But from time to time she glare at me
standing on my own front lawn
Drinkin’ get better, so does my recipe
When the the time comes to go I’ll let you know
All the drinks will be on me…


When you run with the rabble then you crumble in the rubble
Fuck monkey unity and crime inciting compromises
Man is cancer, knife the malign
Put silence in that hole, a crutch for the backbone
and stand straight

I shot a man who flew
so I could steal his wings and get out of here
One story in another, that monkey’s chasing his tale
All those monkeys are reaching for the end of things

If you run with rabble you crumble in the rubble
Stand straight

Golden Thread

I’ve got something to serve, I’ve got a reason in mind
I’ll hang the World by a golden thread while the dark night shuts her eyes
You’ve got a reason to join me
Wipe the clouds off your face
and look up when the World drops out of sight

“I’m cutting the thread”
“No, baby, change your mind. No… no… no….”


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