Some Recent Music

In my play, the Five Wisdoms of Wicked King Waswas, a principle character was forced to give puppet shows by the wicked king which were to be based on his methods of tyranny, however, the puppeteer turned the situation around by transforming the king’s bad ideas into parables which were entertaining and a little ridiculous. These are the puppet show selections of the play narrated by Jane Lennon.

The Spider and the Frog

The Pantry

The Crab Reads

The Tailor

The Axe Handle

The next group of songs is titled Piety and was completed last year.

Even Sand Dollars Cha Cha

How Far Do You Go

It Means A Lot


The Night Gets Brighter

Not Done Yet

Why Aren’t You Here

You’re the Only One Who Can

We take tips…

... he takes snacks