Links to Youtube Videos

A piano set at the Old U.S. Mint, New Orleans, 2014

Here is another clip from my show at the U.S. Mint. It’s just me, a chicken hat, a warlock named Xanthar and some silly little ditties. Enjoy!

An excerpt from a Ratty Scurvics and the Black Market Butchers concert in 2011.

A full Ratty and the  BMB concert.

Three videos from a CD titled, “deathchildren”, 2014. Mac Taylor wrote the lyrics.

A video montage I created for “I Won’t Change” from “An Exciting Excising. To generate album art I embarked on a series of small collages; the plan was to keep making them until something punched me out; this video slow dissolves from one piece to the next to some striking effects.

I created these next two during an excursion into the southeast with Freaksheaux to Geaux in 2013. They passed the time in hotels and long hauls very nicely.

I created this video for “Voiceless” from “A Wooden Nickel on Fire”. The photo album was my mother’s.

“Saint Valentine’s Day” from “An Exciting Excising”. One of my most fun little movies to make.

Another from “The House I Keep My Ass In”. This was also a fun shoot. It’s 3 AM and raining, why not strap a camera under your car and take a joyride.

Oh, and then there’s this from the same record:

The music and video for this was commissioned by Nikki Frisky of the Mystic Ponies Aerial Troupe, New Orleans. She performed a trapeze routine while the video was projected onto her for an Alice in Wonderland themed Fleur de Tease show.

The next few are from a piano set during a two week sojourn in Berlin with the New Orleans Airlift Project in 2009. If I remember correctly this was my 9th gig that week; all the others were Singularity performances – I had attained a special state of mind.

The full video collection from “the Legend of Suzie Sidesaddle” is in my memoir entry: A Grandiose Experiment. This is an excerpt.

This an excerpt from a one man show I wrote performed at inFringe Fest.

A video made to raise funds to produce a play I wrote.
Over the course of quarantine I put on a series of weekly livestreaming shows.

The next two are from my new record “Quarantined”


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